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Gift Cards

- All Gift Cards expire 6 months after the date written on them.

- All Gift Card sales are final.

- Gift Cards are non-refundable. 

- No change is given when using a Gift Card to pay your remaining tattoo balance.

- Your Gift Card can act as a deposit towards your appointment and will be subject to the terms & conditions of our deposit policy.

Terms and Conditions

Certain medications & medical conditions can prevent you from getting a tattoo.

Please take this into consideration when purchasing a Gift Card for someone. 

All voucher sales are final and exceptions will not be made.

Thank you. 

- Please protect this Gift Card and treat it as cash.
Set Sail cannot be held liable or acc
ept Gift Cards that, once sold, are subsequently lost, stolen, or damaged.

 - If you are booking online, a clear photograph of your Gift Card is required.

- If you wish to book in person, please bring your gift card.
Gift cards received between the time of booking & your appointment date can be brought in and used as cash towards the balance of your appointment.

-Gift Cards are issued by Set Sail Tattoo Studio.
Registered address: 16 Eglinton Street, Irvine, KA12 8AS.

- The gift card can not be split between clients.
The balance is for use for 1 client only.

- Placement, subject matter, detail and size are all important aspects to a tattoo and it's longevity and quality, if we feel it won't heal well or could affect you negatively, we will advise against it or respectfully refuse your request.

- We strongly suggest you check out each artists portfolio to decide if our artists styles align with your own before purchasing a voucher for someone or yourself. 

- We don't do any football tattoos, sorry!

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